Bob Lazar Starts Work at S-4

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Lazar works at the facility in New Mexico to understand the propulsion system used by one of nine flying saucers. He remained working at the site until April 1989. He was hired to replace one of the scientists killed in May of 1987.

Bob Lazar Starts Work at S-4

1988 December

Bob Lazar “Excerpts from the government bible” - Digitally restored and enhanced.“Lazar’s lecture”.

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Hi, I’m Bob Lazar. During late 1988 and early 1989, I worked on the propulsion systems of extraterrestrial vehicles for the United States government. The hardware and technology I was exposed to should be placed in the proper hands of the scientific community, and it is the right of every person on Earth to know that there is physical evidence which proves that there is life elsewhere, and that at least one form of that life has been here. For those of you whose information about me is limited to this video, I’ll give you a brief background.

I’m a physicist. I have degrees in physics and electronics technology. I’ve worked in a number of scientific programmes, some of which require top secret and above top secret security clearances. Of which, the most easily verifiable is my early 1980s job here at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Between December of ‘88 and April of ‘89 I worked as a senior staff physicist in what has to be the most secret project in history. My place of work was a facility at an area known as S4, on the Nellis Air Force Range in central Nevada. Area S4 is located approximately 15 miles south of the infamous Area 51 installation at Groom Lake, where the U2 and SR71 spy planes were developed. For the duration of my employment at S4 I was paid by the United States Navy.

For the purpose of this video, I’m going to segregate the information contained here into two separate parts. The first part will deal with information with which I’ve had hands-on experience and personal instruction. In other words, not only did I read briefings and not only was I taught the theories of these technologies, but they were demonstrated for me and I know they are true and accurate. Some of the points covered in this first section will be:

  1. How vast distances of space are traveled by virtue of an intense gravitational field.
  2. How this gravitational field is generated.
  3. What the power source is and how it functions.
  4. General information about discs and the project at S4.

The second part of this will deal with subjects on which I’ve read supporting information, yet for the most part I had no other way to corroborate the information or ascertain its accuracy. When we get to part two, it’ll be obvious why proof of some of this information could not be conclusive. Some of the points covered in the second section will be:

  1. Information about the beings that brought us this technology.
  2. How these being have historically interacted with man.

I’ve been prudent in selecting what to expose here, and I think that some of this information should not be made available to the general public. This information is being conveyed to you as it was to me, with the exception that in most cases I’ve simplified things for those of you with non-scientific and non-technological backgrounds. So let’s begin.

At the beginning of this first section I’m going to give you three short science lessons.