Roswell Crash

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Debris of a crashed vehicle is discovered, reported to be a 'flying saucer' by Air Force.

Roswell Crash

1947 July 4th

Around 11pm, an object is observed to crash by a number of witnesses in the Capitan Mountains near the US town of Roswell, New Mexico.

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The US military then secures the crash site, but does not realise that there is a debris field. It is this debris field which is later reported in newspapers, and from which a number of artifacts are recovered by police and civilians.

Recovered materials were allegedly sent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and from there went to Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) where they led to the development of memory materials using titanium alloys.

Tom Delonge believes that the craft was German/Argentinian.

Debris was analysed by Elroy John Center at BMI, said that the debris had been inscribed with strange symbols that he called “glyphics”.